Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A follow up

When I am out at a bar it is easy for me to go up and start a conversation with a random guy. I have no problems going up and talking to someone. Over the last few weeks I have met some really cute guys and have had some hilarious antics while out.

After my "Go Fuck yourself, 2011" post below I got some encouraging words from friends on here. I needed to post a follow up to the post.

I had a date this week with a guy I met at a bar last weekend. This is how we met... The events of the night brought me back to a certain bar here in the city. My friend Adam decided to go home and I was left at the bar all by myself and decided that I wanted one more beer. Call it fate. Call it the Universe reading my blog and saying, "Oh wow... we have fucked this guys life up a lot this year... here you go"

This girl comes up to me and starts conversation. Behind her is this really cute Italian guy. Crystal blue puppy dog eyes, fantastic white smile and he is staring at me. His friend asked me some bullshit question and it was all a ruse to talk with me.

It was simple bar conversation... most of it about the holidays. Now, I have had conversations with cute guys in bars before. I have felt that lust that one may have for a guy you just meet. The lust where you just wanna rip their clothes off, go down on them and call it a night kind of lust. I did not feel that with him.

I felt this overwhelming connection with Chris. Over the course of the rest of the night Chris and I talked about anything and everything. His friends left to go to a diner and we stayed behind to talk. Then he said something where I truly believe the Universe stepped in and brought us together.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked.

I tell him no. Over the next hour he kept asking me, "Are you sure you don't have a boyfriend?" I laughed and eventually asked him why he kept asking me that...

He told me that he had been burned by guys a lot lately with whom he has dated and then found out that he is "the guy on the side" and did not want to go through with that. After having that happen to me pretty much all of the fall, I saw that as a sign of some kind. Call me crazy but I do believe in fate... and a lot of crazy other shit too.

We went on a date a few days ago and I can honestly say I am really into him. Not just because he is a cute guy and I am attracted to him... it's the little things that he has said to me.

In the middle of a conversation at dinner he just blurted out, "Damn it you are beautiful." and "You are such a man's man I fucking love it."

We are hanging out on Friday and possibly having a sleep over. I hope this feeling doesn't fizzle or fade.


  1. Awesome!!! I'm hoping this works out for you!! Good luck!

  2. Oh yeah!! Even though I'm posting this a little late and I now see you "think you have a boyfriend," I am happy for you! I love the feeling of completely falling for a guy and being in a world where it feels like it is just you two and no one else matters. Ha, glad the Universe finally threw you a bone.