Thursday, August 4, 2011


When I moved out to Los Angeles I had a Blackberry Storm. The thing sucked major balls. The screen stopped working, was slow and just over all was a terrible phone to try and use.

When I was in negotiations for my contract in LA the phone would drop the call and restart. It was awful.

Once I was settled out in LA I bought a Droid. A year and a half later I am on my 5th different Droid and awaiting a Droid2 to be delivered by my insurance company.

My Droid1 decided to have a meltdown in my pants while I was going to a friends show on Sunday afternoon.

Now, I work the strangest hours in the world and when my Droid2 is delivered I will most likely be asleep. It sucks because now I have to stay up and make sure I get my new phone and then sleep. It's annoying.


  1. Wow. Sorry to hear about your Droid, JP. Definitely something strange going on with your phone. Provided the phone wasn't shorting out and you've not rooted the device, there are several things that could have caused the problem. I suspect something was continuously accessing the network such as calendar syncing or the GPS constantly running. These running apps act just as though you've been talking on the phone for a long time which heats the phone. Being in your pocket, the phone couldn't get cooled under these situations. Another problem could be the flash turned on but just from picture the melting was lower down on the battery.

    And yes, the Storm wasn't a good device (and I'm a former BlackBerry guy). Phones like the Droid and iPhone have left BlackBerry in a scramble to catch up in terms of design, OS and apps. The Storm was a rushed attempt to get into the touchscreen market.

    I'm an iPhone guy but I'm sure you will love your new Droid 2.

  2. Your phone *melted*? that is ridiculous! Thank goodness you didn't burn yourself while it was in your pocket!