Saturday, July 30, 2011

Come out, come out where ever you are

A few years ago I went to Las Vegas to console a friend of mine who was working on a movie that was filming in Sin City. His college girlfriend of 2 years broke up with him the day he left for Vegas. I know, what a cunt.

He was heart broken. I took a few days off from work and ended up flying out to meet him and party it up in Vegas. We had a blast and I actually wrote a short film based on our time in Vegas together.

While I was out there, I met a guy who was also working on the movie, Mike.

Mike was an incredible dancer, fun to be around and always was the life of the party when we hung out. He also was one of those guys that I was instantly attracted too. We were sitting at a table at some club and I asked my friend if Mike was gay.

"No way. He's been banging this girl Jenn the last few weeks." He said.

Jenn told me before I knew about the banging that she was a self proclaimed fag hag.

After Vegas, Mike and I kept in touch on Facebook. I would always flirt and try to keep up with him. A few months ago he and I started chatting on a regular basis. Nothing major just talking about the business of Hollywood and what each of us was working on. Then, a few weeks ago he called me looking for advice.

He had 2 job offers in Los Angeles and had just finished moving his boyfriend into a new apartment in another state. That was his way of coming out too me.

It was very casual and never really mentioned it to me. Turns out that after meeting me in Vegas he came out to a bunch of friends and started dating his now boyfriend.

He also wants to know when I am coming to visit LA because he has now broken up with the boyfriend and doesn't want a long distance relationship.


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  2. Hi JP,
    I hope this is the one! You have several things in your favor here such as previously hanging out together and keeping touch.

    I hope you have a great week.