Friday, May 6, 2011

Unlucky in love

Valentine's day was a long time ago.

I made plans. Even though I shouldn't have. I met this guy back in September while home from LA. Let's call him Dan. We met online, watched a Yankees game together and just instantly clicked.

I went back to LA and he kept working odd jobs around Connecticut. He's a former Marine now back in Connecticut trying to make a living. The first night we hung out we had mind blowing sex. Twice. I was incredibly proud of myself.

Dan was a dream guy of mine. Loves the Yankees and Football Giants. Likes to drink beer, swear and hang out at a bar.

After I moved back to the area we hung out a few more times. The sex was always good. He always told me that I was incredibly hot and amazing to be with.

Right before Valentine's day I met a guy here in the City who happened to be a guy my current roommate grew up with. I still wanted to have my Valentine's day with Dan.

Dan and I had been e-mailing and planning our Valentine's night. It consisted of a bottle of Jack Daniels, steak and a hotel room.

2 days before our night he canceled. I got this text from him on Valentine's day:

my roomate has been reading all my texts and emails. It was cool knowin ya man but I can't meet up with you. Hope you understand. Peace!

I never responded to him. I went to work and tried not to think about it but he was the only thing on my mind.
Further proof that I am cursed when it comes to dating men.
Wait... your roomate reads your e-mail and texts? Sounds like you have a boyfriend and had some explaining to do. Maybe he had a girlfriend... I honestly don't know.


  1. If only you were in the right place. Been reading your blog for a long seem too good to be true. What's wrong with these guys?

  2. That is fubar and not by you. What a dick.