Sunday, March 20, 2011

Something New

What the fuck is happening to me... a lot of people have been asking... which makes me happy yet frustrates me to no end.

This blog has been a combination blog and personal diary. Truth is, like many people who keep blogs like this one life gets in the way of blogging. Just look at Cooper, Billy and Micifus Phil. 

There is some good news this morning -- the Bi Guy is back. Jay has a new contributor, Alex. The blog is relaunching and I've been thinking of launching my own site, separate from this one. 

I've always been a fan of Kenneth in the 212 and Towleroad. after getting laid off from my writing job in LA I started building something but abandoned it after I was offered my current writing gig at a cable news show. 

It's funny... while I was living in LA I felt like I had no creative juice running through my body. Now that I am back in NY I feel like the ideas and opportunities are flowing like the Hudson. 

A writing partner of mine who lives out in New Jersey wants to start a site with me and I went back and looked at all my notes. Be on the look out in the next month or so for a new site.

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  1. JP,
    When one door closes another opens. The same applies to jobs and creativity. So hang in there. It is easy to get frustrated but don't. Have faith in yourself. It is something that I've lacked for years and just started to learn. :-)