Monday, December 6, 2010

What up crazy?

I have a confession: I use hook up and dating websites. I am usually on and like to see what kind of guys are in the area and honest to god I rarely meet a guy from the site.

Truth is I am not exactly in the best shape right now and guys may not exactly be attracted to that. I look but don't touch/meet.

Since I have been back in NY I have been checking profiles out and seeing all kinds of crazy guys. I also started talking to this really cute latino guy. We started exchanging emails and it was really cool at first.

He's a grad student here in NYC and is from Florida. He follows college football and basketball and that's pretty much it. He's adorable but lives just outside the city. He's in NYC for most of the day with classes and then takes a train back outside of the 5 boroughs.

We decided to exchange phone numbers and started texting.

My life is not exactly normal right now. Looking for an apartment. Getting sleep when I can... (I only got 5 hours today) and just trying to get settled here in the City. I was at the Giants game all day on Sunday and he had sent me a text earlier in the day which I responded I'm at the game. He sent like 6 texts in a row expecting me to keep up.

Today I woke up and decided to text him saying hello. I got one from him an hour later followed by a dozen or so texts asking why would I bother reaching out to him and not responding to him all the time???

Holy fuck am I that old where a 25 year old needs me to text him constantly so he feels wanted? We haven't even met in person yet and he is going this crazy on me?

Deleted and blocked off my phone because he sounds like a ball full of crazy.


  1. Hi JP,
    LOL I loved your post. It amazes me at the people who want to stay in touch constantly. I text with a very close friend often but it may go several days without a text or response. If we don't hear from each other then it isn't a big deal. We're both grown up to know if it is something important, we'll call. You done the right thing.

  2. JP, so glad you're back to blogging and back in NYC!