Monday, December 6, 2010

Started the new job!

After a bunch of phone calls and acting as my own HR department I started working last week as a writer. I've been back East for a while now and these are the common conversations I have had with people.

1. We are so happy to have you back here!

I'm happy to be back too. Even though it's about 30 degrees right now. I have been going to Giants games and have plans later this week to go down to the Garden and check out a Rangers game for the first time this season.

2. How did you like LA?

I liked LA. I loved the people. Los Angeles is such a weird city. I worked in Hollywood so I hung out in the area because it was easier and it's where I could best network. The only time I ever went downtown was to go to the Staples Center for a game. That's pretty much it.

Something that helped me out in LA was that I had a lot of friends out there. Two former bloggers who I had stayed in touch with became fast friends which was very cool. I had some friends from high school, college and made some new friends while I was out there.

I know my career will have me back out in LA at some point but right now I know I'm gunna be in NYC and I love NYC.

3. What kind of crazy stories do you have?? You must have seen/heard a lot of crazy stuff.

I did. A lot of stuff that I really can't write here. I had a lot of fun and really need to tell a few of the stories... though most of them will end up in my standup act.

4. What's your new job and why would you leave California in the winter?

I'm back to working in moring television but this time instead of being a production assistant I'm a writer. What's really nice about the position is that I am kind of on my own along with the other show writers. No suits around to bother us until before the show starts. For now it's a paycheck while I work on my screenplays and a pilot.

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  1. Hi JP,
    Congratulations on the new job. You know the good thing? You seem adaptable and willing to accept changes and knowing that your career path may mean moving, etc.

    Hope you have a great week.