Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Pedophile

There seems to be a disconnect when it comes to me and men.

"If only you were in the right place. Been reading your blog for a long time...you seem too good to be true. What's wrong with these guys?"

I really don't know. I wish I knew the answer to this question. I have friends that tell me "these guys don't know what they are missing"

One of my recent dating fiascos has to deal with a guy I will call Paul.

We met at GYM Bar back in January. I was walking out of the bar and found him by the front of the bar. What stood out was the fact that he was wearing a throwback Knicks jersey. I could tell it was an older jersey so that means that he possibly had it from back in high school.

We got to talking and it turns out that he was indeed a Knicks fan... and also a huge Giants and Yankees fan. We exchanged numbers and he asked me to e-mail him the next day.

The next day we GChatted for hours. It moved over to texting. I jumped ahead of myself. I started thinking about couples vacations to Mexico, bringing him to family functions, etc. I was excited and giddy as a school girl. These types of gay guys are not supposed to exist. Or they are too good to be true.

Well, he was too good to be true.

Over the next month or so I had weird off days at work. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Instead of staying in the City I would trek out to his house in New Jersey. I met a friend of his and the three of us became good friends. I kept falling for Paul. The more we hung out the more attracted to him I was.

He has an amazing ass that looks fantastic in jeans.

Two weeks into hanging out, I thought it was weird that he never wanted to go out in NYC with me. So I invited him out. instead he suggested that we go to dinner near him. So I went out to NJ to see him.

We got to talking and later that night and he confided that he could not go to NYC without permission from his parole officer.

That night on the train ride back to the City I called my friend Cassandra to talk about what had just transpired. Now, Paul had not told me what he had been arrested and sent to prison for. As I got to talking about it she made notes and apparently did a google search for me.

"This is not good" she said.

He got one of his 13 year old former students naked on webcam and threatened to blackmail him if he did not perform sex acts with his friends.

Needless to say I haven't seen Paul after that conversation and really understand why he liked "younger looking" guys with hairless bodies.


  1. JP,
    Wow. Two things that come to mind. First and foremost is you had no way of knowing his situation. Second, he had an obligation to tell you before he said he was on parole. I know it is disappointing. Some people are too good to be true and you shouldn't feel bad.

    My advice is to not expect love from the bars. There is nothing wrong with it but I don't think it is for you. Get involved with like a gay sports team or start going to a gym. Pretty soon you'll find someone that would love to have a friend like you.

  2. Well, I have joined the gay softball league here in NY. Volunteer and even started a gay TV writers group that's working on a web series. Where ever I meet a guy somehow it get's fucked up.

    I met a guy through friends (the Marine) and he fucked me up.

    And by the way, Bronson, I do go to the gym! ;-) lol

  3. man i love your blog and follow, would love if you would check mine out and followed ,, but only if you like it,,, an ddont worry broskie,, theres good guys out there

  4. I followed you back. Thanks for the love. Catching up on your site now.

  5. thanks man, i ve actually read your blogg from the start, i like it alot

  6. Hi there, I just rediscovered your blog after awhile away. I was an avid reader a few years ago but kind of lost track when you weren't posting often.

    This one is a doozy, but nothing you could do really to avoid it except quit meeting people and that's not an option. He just fucked up in the past and it was a creepy one too. But there is someone out there, you'd think it'd be easier in NYC but I guess not!

    Think there will be an NFL season? I think they'll figure it out but read somewhere that there is a contingency for a 9 game season. Screw that.
    take it easy and thanks for blogging.

  7. Thanks Closet. I'm actually writing a follow up on Paul. He and I have been texting and he keeps wondering why I won't come out to visit him and I think I need to break down and tell him that a simple google search reveals his fondness for young men.

    Dating anywhere sucks. I'm trying to have as much fun as I can without getting too ahead of myself.