Friday, June 10, 2011

Breaking: Dating in New York is Complicated

I have got some great e-mails from guys about what's been going on with Paul and I. Well, thought I would expand on it.

Since I found out about his past we have been texting and have talked on the phone. I understand that he is now seeing a therapist and has "got better"

I'm still pretty freaked out by a lot of stuff he did while we were "dating"

It brings up a point that someone made, "Dating is complicated in New York." Dating is complicated anywhere in the U.S...Especially for gay men.I've turned to retail therapy to help me get through the times where men just suck.

Though, things have turned around as of late. I was out a few weeks ago and from across the room I spotted a guy I could not take my eyes off of. He has a fantastic smile and I needed to talk to him before I left for the night. I made my way with friends across the bar so we could be near him and his friends. He walked away and I swooped in and asked one of his friends about him.

I am pretty sure the friend thought I was hitting on him at first but when I asked about the guy "in the brown shirt" his face lit up.

"Oh, that's Drew. He's fantastic. Don't treat him like shit or else I will find you and murder your face." is what his friend said.

I drunkenly started conversation with Drew after that brief introduction/threat. We exchanged numbers and

Drew and I texted a few times over the next few weeks and things seemed to trail off until we ran into each other this past weekend.

I was out on a horrific date with a guy who mis-represented himself online saying he was 32 but was really 52. He told me he has to do that because he likes dating younger guys. Sigh.

On my way home from the date I stopped by the bar I first met Drew at. It's right around the corner from my place and I always seem to end up with free drinks. I'm talking with the bartender and in walks Drew with a friend. I go up to him and say hi and he remembers me. The three of us chat and his friend calls it a night leaving Drew and I to chat.

Last call turns into us making out on a couch and we end up back at my place for some pants off fun.

I asked him if he wanted to hang out during the week and he agreed.

We met up on Wednesday night for a dinner date that included watching the Yankees game and trivia at a local bar near me. He walked me home and gave me a kiss goodnight. It was a fantastic night. I seem to be the one initiating the hanging out and texting. I like him. I'm attracted to him. I want to hang with him as much as possible. I just want to see if he wants to hang out with me as well.


  1. Way to go JP, you just have to put yourself out there. I know, that's a lot easier said than done. Trust me, I know!!

  2. Good going!

    You know, thinking back to what you said about NY, I think it is complicated everywhere. It is hard to find a compatible guy or at least it is for me.

    Anyway, keep calling your new friend and let him know how happy you are. :-)

  3. Lying by 20 years to trick you into a date? Automatic DQ.

    Congrats on meeting the other guy! He sounds awesome!

    (This is Closet, I didn't want to sign in).

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