Monday, November 15, 2010


I left California over a week ago and have been staying with my parents for the last week. It's strange being back in the Northeast after spending the last 8 months in California.

The reason for the move was this new job in New York. I spent the beginning of October out here interviewing for a job in NYC that a friend of mine had hooked me up with. The job interview process started back in August of 2009 when my friend G asked me to send him my resume.

I had wanted out of my job at the time and his boss wanted to meet me after looking at my resume.

Ultimately I went to Los Angeles to pursue my goal of being a TV writer. About 3 days after I signed my LA contract I got a call from G's boss offering me a low level job with the show. I told them about my the LA gig and they told me to stay in touch.

Right after I was laid off my buddy called me to follow up on how LA was and when he heard about me being available his boss called me and brought me to NYC for interviews and writing tests.

Well, I got the job and have been waiting for the HR department to get back to me. Well, it turns out that I have not been given a start date because two of my references have not got back to the HR department.

I can start the job once my references get back to the HR department but it's been about 2 weeks and I feel like that reflects really poorly on me.

So now I wait until my references will be checked and I will end up back in NYC.


  1. Hey JP,
    Great hearing from you again. You can't control the references getting back other than calling your references and giving them a nudge. It is very frustrating to say the least.

    I still check your blog just about every day. I'm really glad you didn't abandon it.

  2. Call the references for Goodness sake...

  3. Oh I called them and asked as nice as I could to please return the phone calls ASAP.

    It's nice being back and want to post more often.

  4. Hey JP,
    I've posted comments for awhile now. I'm finally going to post not anonymously anymore. I'm the original poster above, by the way.

    As for your problem with references, another option would be to get some additional references and call the prospective HR department to see what can be done. They may take the additional references. Trust me, I'm sure you are not the only one this has happened to. Keep in mind that a good deal of companies have policies that prevent employees from giving references (good or bad) other than confirming employment for fear of litigation.

    Glad your back and hope things work out great for you.

  5. great post. i love your blog. keep it up. -s