Friday, October 8, 2010

Back to New York

I'm back in NYC. Only for a few weeks though. I was recently laid off. Which sucks. I moved out to LA for this job and after 7 months they cut their budget and decided to go in a different direction.

I never really talked about the job because to tell you the truth I was scared shitless to write about work on the blog. The place had me sign NDA's up the asshole. They have several lawsuits out against former employees who have tried to sell their stories.

Now that I am the let me vent about some of the problems I had there without giving away much about what I was doing sand where I was working.

I had a job as a writer/reporter/producer with a TV show that also has a website. The place is a train wreck. When I first started working there it was sink or swim. Not bad but just something I had never really dealt with before

My last job I was managed out the yin yang. I had meetings with my manager, coordinating producer and senior producer almost bi weekly about performance. It was crazy. Everything was by email so there would be a paper trail.

My new job hated email and hated paper trails. I was also never managed and never given goals. Of course I set them for myself but it was like talking to myself.

When I did have a story (which was often) it would get shot down by my editor who didn't really know much about sports.

All in all it was a great experience but I'm now looking for something better and in scripted television. I realized with this job I hate news. Like really loathe journalism.  It's a terrible place to work when you're starting out.

I do love LA though. It's a weird place but you make the most of what you have out here... Err there.

So I'm in New York. It's fantabulous. I realized how much I missed the city while I was walkling to my interview from my friend anthonys apartment.I was wearing a suit and felt like I belonged back in the city. I love walking to place to place. You really don't get that in LA.

Anyway, the reason I am here is because i got a call from a buddy of mine who works for a tv show he in NYC. It's a morning show and they are looking for writers.

I thought not bad. I talked to him and then his boss and she made me an offer I could not pass up. She would fly me out to NYC. One way. Do the interview and writing test and agree to stick around for two weeks. I talked it over with my dad and he was excited at the chance to have me home for a fee weeks so I took her up on the offer. At least it's a job.

The interview was this morning and it went ok. I went from the red eye to my friends apartment to freshen up to the interview and feel like I was half asleep for most of it. I barely slept on the flight out here.

I think I need this time to be out of LA and reconnect with what I really want to do. I've been going non stop with barely a vacation once a year. Like a real vacation.  I've worked crazy hours my entire professional life and after talking with a friend of mine I thought it would be ok with being unemployed for a little bit.

Take some time and live off the system for a little bit while I figure out where my life is taking me.  Maybe I will find a boyfriend. Maybe I will sell that book idea I have. Maybe I will sell my screenplay based on the last place I worked at.


  1. JP,
    Thanks for posting and keeping us updated. I really feel for you and getting laid off. You are young, creative and I suspect good looking. Those three attributes will help you greatly. Like you, I think using the time to re-evaluate your goals is wise. Remember when one door closes, another will open. You never know. The next door that opens may hold your entire future.

    Good luck to you, bro and hang in there! :-)

  2. well, as a long time reader first time caller (wait, that's another medium), anyway, I'm glad I checked on your blog to see your post. Interesting developments! Glad your happy and sorry you lost your job but it sounds like a blessing in disguise, or not in disguise. Good luck with the NYC eyelids are heavy just thinking about traveling and then interviewing a few hours later.