Monday, September 27, 2010

Los Angeles Living

I was taunted by a friend of mine over a lack of posting. I was reminded of the blog this past weekend at a house party in the Hollywood Hills. 

Yes, I know how incredibly snobby that sounds. It's very LA though. 

I've made a bunch of new friends out here in LA and it just so happens that about 8 of them all have birthdays within one week of each other. We had planned on having people over by the pool in our apartment complex. Then it was moved to the patio of this Brazilian restaurant and finally to this house in the Hollywood Hills. 

Before the party, I traveled down to Anaheim with friends to catch the White Sox-Angels game. Most of these new friends are from the Chicago area and wanted to catch the Sox while they were in "town."

Anyway, we show up to the party and find this awesome house with a heated pool with a LOT of people hanging around sipping out of red cups. It had an upscale college party feel to it. 

The party had been combined with another party and now there were about 12 names on one birthday cake with people just everywhere. 

The house had a roof deck which overlooks the Sunset Strip and downtown LA. I was looking out and just pondering when this guy struck up conversation. He asked if I knew Billy... said I looked familiar and asked if this was my blog.

I felt famous, sort of. I had kind of forgot about the blog for a while and seemed to forget about the enjoyment I had with this site when I lived in NYC. The ups and downs and the dabbling with LA 3 years ago. 

Anyway, I am back. I have lots of updates for you guys that will start tomorrow. 

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  1. Hello... I'm glad you remembered you have a blog!! Still waiting for the updtes!!

    have a nice day, week and rest of the year! I.m just a reader from Nicaragua! ;-)