Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Grady and love

First of all... thanks to Justin for this weekend. e sent me some pics of Grady Sizemore who had some sexy pictures leaked out onto the interweb this past weekend.

There are some rumors out there that a full frontal may leak in the next week or so... we will see.

Besides Grady being a hot specimen and thinking of all the hot sex he must be having with his playmate girlfriend... I got some great advice from a friend-of-a-friend this weekend.

This past Friday I was out with friends at this small bar/restaurant near my parents place. It has a good crowd, cool music and has a very laid back vibe. It's a place that was perfect for the night. I wasn't in the mood for a loud band where you can't talk with friends.

Well, a friend of mine was there with his older brother who was in from LA and he brought a friend with him. This guy is incredibly sexy. I have hung out with him a few times prior to this and he has just got even sexier since I last saw him.

He's only a few years older than I am and has this really deep, spiritual outlook on life. He loves talking and helping others.

We had been talking about relationships because one of our friends is just not happy in his current relationship. I had mentioned that I was not in one and really want to find someone that would be there for me.

For the rest of the night he and I talked and drank whiskey. It was an amazing conversation where he sort of came out to me and complimented me.

It was a night where I had this really hot guy tell me that I am attractive, smart and have a magnetic personality. His advice, which has been echoing many of my friends is that I need stability when it comes to my job and that I need to change my hours.

It's 2:45am as I write this and I got home from work not too long ago.

I had a friend ask me out for beers this week. I can't go because I am working. I have a friend that wants to read my tarot cards this week. I can't because I work a complete opposite schedule as he.

I know that I am the only one that will be able to change my luck when it comes to work and where I will be working.

Right now.. I see that writing is my only way to get out of this night cycle.


  1. your friend's friend gives good advice. boundaries at work can do a lot for your life. its tough though, because we are young and think that working is all we have...but i'm sure there is a balance.

    good luck!

  2. Muy buen blog..... Me pasa lo mismo con la estabilidad laboral y los horarios... :( Espero encuentres lo que quieres.....

    I really like your blog.... I have the same problem with my job and shedule.... :(

    Don't give up! My name is Fran! Nice blog!