Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hot boyfriends: Jeremy Lingvall

By the way... before I get to bed I want to leave you with a photo gallery of Jeremy Lingvall... super hot boyfriend to David Geffen...

Gawker has some pictures from his Friendster page... who the fuck uses Friendster anymore...

Honestly... Why am I even linking. Go fuck yourself Jeremy... for being so hot and charming and having dinner with the President.

I have a bunch of friends that have hot boyfriends and it's sometimes not fair how hot they are.

My friend Erik has a really hot ex-boyfriend that I faux-fawn over a lot. It's really fun to do.

Erik and this hottie lax player dated in college and have stayed friends since. Turns out that this laxxer has dated another friend of mine and I kinda swooned over him. I'm now friends with him on Facebook and wish I was a 20-year-old athletic twink jock... those are the kinda guys he swoons over.

Anyway... enjoy the Gawker gallery. I am off to bed.


  1. Eh, yeah but he has to feast on 60 year old balls every night. I think it all evens out.

  2. REminds me of the rumor when Ryan Seacrest supposedly "serviced" Merv Griffin. Now he's a successful host.

  3. He is hot! Besides the money why would he want to date David Geffen? Kinda creepy or maybe I'm just jealous of Mr. Geffen.

  4. That dude is what I call "annoying hot". He's so good looking he's not really even that attractive. Does that make sense?