Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I want to F your sister

I have been reading a lot of movie scripts lately. In my travels to various screenwriting sites I found the “Black List

What is the black list? “Universal film executive Franklin Leonard's THE BLACK LIST 2008 "was compiled from the suggestions of over 250 film executives, each of whom contributed the names of up to ten of their favorite scripts that were written in, or are somehow uniquely associated with, 2008 and will not be released in theaters during this calendar year. This year, scripts had to receive at least four mentions to be included on THE BLACK LIST.”

It’s pretty interesting to see what kind of scripts are selling in Hollywood. What’s crazy is the fact that some scripts are bought and never made.

One script that was bought by MTV Films is “I Want to ____ your sister” I read it recently and loved it.

You can read the script HERE.

I think I really liked the script because I am a big brother. I am the kind of brother that (in the past) has said things to guys and stood up for my sisters.

While reading it I saw Ryan Reynolds in the part of the big brother.

Give it a read… and remember… the chick who wrote it was paid $300,000 back in 2007.


  1. I am in for anything with Ryan Reynolds lol

  2. I saw the proposal multiple times just to see him in the buff.

  3. It may be a good script, but I think it needs a new title!