Monday, August 24, 2009

Jerzey Weddings

What a weekend. I’ve had a really busy few weeks and have neglected the blog. I am very sorry.

So, what have I been up to?

Well…. Playing softball and being named “Most Improved Player” on my team. This season I doubled my RBIs and Home Runs. Batted over .650 and was hitting in the clutch. The season ended perfectly. We beat our arch rivals by coming back in the championship game. We get our first place trophies in September!

I attended a friend’s wedding this weekend down on Long Beach Island, NJ. It’s funny how close I have become with this family. It’s my sisters best friend from college and since they have become close I have hung out with their family a bunch of times and ended up invited to the wedding.

What makes the wedding so excited is that I got to hang out with hot Italian guys for 2 days on a beach and then all dressed up.

Last summer at the 7 weddings I went to, I got lucky and had some good times. This wedding there was a prospect that is still TBD.

This is the story. My sister had a fling with the brides cousin back in college. Now they are good friends. As we are on our way to the parents beach house she says to me, "Anthony is really excited to meet you. You guys have never met and are like twins."

So the night goes on and the Yankees-Red Sox game is on the HD screen outside and "Peter" introduces himself. He is hot.

Like insanely hot. We start talking Yankees... a little Giants football and how I have been training for a half marathon. He talks about how medical school has kept him busy.

He disappears for the rest of the night and I see him again at the wedding. It's not until the reception that we start to really talk and get to know eachother. He is a shy guy and my sister had said that he is shy but once you get to know him he is your new best friend.

Cocktail hour he finds me and we start drinking and talking about Vegas. Later, my sister and I make our way to our table and he takes a seat next to me.

The whole night he was always in my sight. When I would turn around he would be near me on the dance floor. Maybe it was me reading way too much into it and was caught up in his hottness. Halfway through the night I took a picture and said to the girls, "That's a Facebook default pic" Peter came back with a comment, "I just friend requested you so when you get home approve."

We ended the night doing shots. I ran to the bathroom and when I came back he was gone. Today, after I became friends with him I left him a message about the Yankees - Red Sox. He wrote me back immediately and then shot me a text.

I have an open invitation to visit him whenever. I want to take him up on it.

The gratuitous shot of Tim Tebow has been long over due to be posted. My love of Gator nation has been expressed on the blog before. I wanted to shar and post the hottie myself.


  1. Hey your blog..inspires me!
    check mine out and add me if you can!

  2. I enjoy your blog. Wow. Wedding guy definitely has a crush on you. The sum of your parts is really works for this guy. Your joy comes through in your writing. An open invite? Don't delay. Spend time with him. Go to games with him. Play ball. Go for a run. The intimacy you boys will get from being around each other and getting to know each other will make other ...ahem...things icing on the cake. Just be yourself. Your regular, guy self. : )

  3. sweet update bud. i love that you've kept the title all this time.
    hey a bunch of italian guys on a beach, sounds awesome, not to mention all the hair. ha ha, maybe not.

  4. Its been a while that I have read your blog, I can't wait to catch up!



  5. you said you play soft ball where do you play i am from ct to i live near new haven i also play softball but i play on a gay leauge