Monday, August 3, 2009

Coming Out

It's been a very interesting week. I had two friends come out to me in the same week. One came out of left field and the other I saw coming.

First there was "Jack" who I knew, kinda, in college. Jack is a cool guy. I was paired up with him as his mentor when he was a senior.

He wanted to work in television and my old adviser paired us up.

I had met him once after I graduated from college because he was in the sketch comedy troupe I help found.

We met for lunch one day while I was living in NYC and gave him tips on interviewing and he shadowed me at my morning show job one morning.

Last week he IMed me out of the blue. We have kept in touch and he is now working at a talk show as a PA. He asked me if I had ever been to Fire Island... I asked why?

There are parts of FI that are "straight"... he asked where he should take his boyfriend to vacation. I really didn't think of him to be gay... it never came up... very nonchalant which was pretty awesome.

The second was this guy "Al" who lives in Chicago. We met in Vegas 2 years ago at a fraternity event. He was there as an alumni with a few guys from his chapter. We met at an alumni round-table and hung out at the pool for drinks after.

I sensed some kind of sexual tension between him and his other frat bro he was there with.

We had a great time and hung out the rest of our time in Vegas and nothing happened as far as hooking up goes. We stayed in touch mostly through Facebook and he recently planned a trip to NYC.

His birthday was coming up and he was staying with a friend of his in the West Village.

Now, after we had met in Vegas, his buddy who I had met him with asked me if I had any interest in Alex. I was more attracted to the friend than Alex but said he was a cute guy.

Now Alex is asking to hang out because it's been almost 2 years since we last saw eachother.

We met up and Zach had become a lot more comfortable with himself.

It was pretty awesome.

Felt like sharing those stories before getting into the guy situation with me.


  1. Maybe it's a function of age/time? Or maybe with all the gay friendly topics in the news this seems like the year to do it? I know that was a factor for me...

    Anyway if you haven't gotten back to your first friend yet- most of Fire Island is actually straight (area wise). He wants to go to The Pines or Cherry Grove (although that is more Lesbian than gay these days I hear).

  2. FI... i'm yet to go there, but hopefully before the summer is over :)

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  4. That's cool that your "mentee" turned out to be gay and trusted you to confide in. Sounds like you're having a fun summer at any rate.