Monday, June 15, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

I have returned from Sin City. Let me tell you something it was awesome to get away from everything for a few days and just not worry about anything. All I had to worry about was what I was going to do that night and even that was taken care of for me.

I flew to Vegas to see one of my best friends who was working out there at a film festival. What was nice about the trip was that I was able to crash in his room and chill out during the day at the hotel... for free. Well, I bought him dinner one night.

Most of my days were spent by the pool. I would walk to strip after I woke up... then head to the pool for about 5 hours. I laid in the sun, drank in the pool and just watched the eye candy go by. If you ever get a chance to go to Vegas and can stay at the Palms. DO IT.

1. There were so many hot guys just hanging around the pool. Most of them were guidos. I am into that meat head/cocky thing. I don't know why... it might stem back to most of the guys I hung out with played football and were that way.

The casino and resort has just a younger vibe to it. I saw a few adults try and come out and lay by the pool only to leave after a few minutes. There is a DJ out there blasting music. Weekdays it was mostly pop, rock and rap mix. Weekends especially Fridays it felt like a club, but outside and everyone was pretty much naked.

2. Ditch Fridays. This is a promotion that The Palms does. If you stay at the hotel, you get in no questions asked. Otherwise you have to be on a list. This is where you will see some of the hottest bodies in Vegas. Plus the people with not so great bodies watching those with the rockin bodies.

This was not taken by the pool but you get the idea. I pretty much spent my days in the sun watching hot guys walk by. Thank god I had my sunglasses.

Now, Ditch Fridays have become something of a circus. When you come downstairs in the hotel there are bouncers near the entrance. They have a line of people waiting to see if they made the list and another spot for hotel guests to just walk in.

I got into Ditch and it was a fucking circus. The ladies at the pool were pretty much skanky strippers wearing strings. The guys... well I saw some of the hottest guys around the pool. Hot, trim bods. What I don't understand is why all the guys shaved their bodies and then wore a suit too big for them. I mean, I am not complaining but these guys had their swim suits pretty much wide open with the base of their cocks hanging out.

I was with my buddy who had been there for a few days and we started talking with the Miller Lite girls. Ditch gets very crazy on certain Fridays. This was a "tame" Friday. One of the girls had seen full on fucking in the pool and hot tub while everyone just watched. Crazy.

Now, one thing that everyone has asked me (excluding people I work with and my parents) "Did you get laid?" I did not.

I mean... It's kinda sad that I didn't. But I had a good time regardless. I got into some great parties and drank Grey Goose all night for free every night I was there.

I partied at Rain for free and got to hear DJ AM spin for free. He blew my mind away with what he did with his mixes.

I had a good time. I really did. I got to spend time with one of my best friends. Thats what counted for me.

Not the $300 I lost in roulette.


  1. I was totally going to skip my gym work out tonight . . . then I saw these guys in your post.

    Glad you had a blast! You def. deserved it!

  2. I'm also glad you had fun...but I must disagree about the guys with perfect bodies/cocky/meat head, those guys do nothing for me.

  3. Thanks VPo!

    JUSTIN- I did have a lot of fun. I just think these guys are pretty and turn me on. I have no clue why because almost always they are DBags.

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