Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am in need of a vacation. I don't know if it's a good place to go to relax but I could not turn down a free hotel room in Las Vegas.

A buddy of mine is out there for work and has a free hotel room all to himself. He asked me if I wanted to join him while he was out there and I said yes.

I fly out of JFK on Wednesday and can't wait to get out of the state for a few days and just forget about life and work.

I plan on finishing up my script while I am out there.

Did you just laugh reading that last statement? I did on the inside. My plan is to relax during the day and get some writing done by the pool of the resort I am staying at. The last time I was out there I stayed at The Palms and it was to just party my face off. Which I did.

The guy I am staying with, a fraternity brother of mine, is also a writer and has been helping me with characters in my spec script. All in all my plan is to just relax during the day and party it up at night. Possibly play some blackjack while I am out there. I am terrible at everything else.

All I know is that tomorrow will be one of the longest days of work EVER. It always is right before you go on vacation.


  1. Good luck with the script and with blackjack!

  2. Awesome, I'll be out there Wednesday-Sunday myelf and staying at the Palms, too cool that you have a picture up of that...Try Mini Baccarat for a few see if you like it. I won $800 playing that game last time. Winning is fun.

    Enjoy! Where you staying?