Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where Amazing Happens

This is the tag line to the NBA Playoffs right now. My amazing is something different. I really don't give a fuck about guys right now.

I have used this outlet to vent my frustrations about men, dating and everything in between. I have had some interests but that was over a year ago.

Over the last few weeks I have been working on an application to a Fellowship program based out of LA. It's consumed ever inch of my being the last few weeks. I lost myself in the world I created for this one, 22 minute sitcom. After I put everything together I took a look at what I had written. Made changes and sent it to my a friend I know and trust who is a writer.

"JP- I am a huge fan of the show. I laughed my ass off reading this thing"

This was the first response of many.

"wow... really great!!! some of the lines are so spot on that i had to read them a few times and think... did they actually say that on an episode already?! I am very impressed.."

Seeing if they were blowing smoke up my ass I sent it to a friend of mine who I know is just very negative. He even loved it. Well, he started with running commentary on AIM... I told him to finish the whole thing then get back to me. 20 minutes later he said he laughed out loud the entire way though.

Either way, the responses I have been getting from friends who read it love it. I just hope the judges love it as much as my friends who have read it do.

Other than focusing on what I have been writing there isn't much to report to the blog.

Life has been pretty boring.


  1. Sounds great man! I'd love to read your script. Good luck with everything and I hope it works out.

    Hot ass pic you've got there too. Thanks!

  2. JP, since I knew you back in the we days of life, I'd like to be at your first episode party once your sitcom becomes a reality and your rick and famous.