Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am finished with my script I have been working on since April. I started writing a "spec script" based on the CBS show How I Met Your Mother. I love the show and think it's hilarious.

I have sent my finished copy to a few friends who have English degrees and one who works in TV. They have all loved it. One who is an English professor at a Community College (you gotta start somewhere) told me, "I was not expecting much when you sent it to me. Boy did you prove me wrong. You have talent!"

It feels really good to get feedback from friends. I kept asking them if they were blowing smoke up my ass. They were not. I have to finish up a few random parts of the application but it looks like I will send it out completed on Friday!!!

I now will start work on 30 Rock or something original that I have been plotting in the back of my mind for a while. Stay tuned.

One show that I loved this year was Kings on NBC. I really wish that NBC hadn't fucked it up with a time slot. I was thinking of writing a spec based on the show but since it's a one and done show I don't know how agents would respond with that. Stay tuned.


  1. congrats man! that's a big accomplishment. excited for you.

  2. Thanks man. It's taken a lot out of me. I am looking forward on working on my next one and trying to develop my own.

  3. Ahh I watched Kings first season this weekend and once I had finished I found out it had been cancelled through wiki :( Damn ruined my day.

    Btw, congrats. Good shows are missing or being cancelled and I hope you'll make one that lasts....

  4. I don't know what the hot guy in the pic has to do with your news, but that's awesome news! I hope your script gets picked up because I love How I Met Your Mother.

    I'm sure once the script gets picked up then you'll definitely get laid!