Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What an amazing weekend. First and foremost, I saw Star Trek on Friday after having a lovely dinner with my friend Lisa. The movie blew my mind. If you aren’t a fan of the franchise, don’t worry… you will love this movie.

Fridays seem to be my dinner and a movie night with my ladies. Its great though. After the movie was done and stopped in downtown New Haven to see some buddies for beers and ended up staying up until 4am drinking out of a keg and making hamburgers with 3 guys from college.

Saturday was Softball Day. I have been on FIRE as of late. I went 6 for 6 in both games and seem to be hitting the ball very solid.

During our 1st game, I realized that I had crushes on about 80% of the other team. Majority of the guys are super hot. By crushes I meant that the guys are really good looking.

After we were done with the game I grabbed some dinner with our manager. Over dinner at this BBQ place he talked about whenever we hung out he always had a good time. He also loved that I liked to go up to random guys and say hi to them. He wanted to change that and be able to talk to other people besides the people he would know at bars.

I told him that we were going to meet random guys that night and have some fun talking with them.

We went to GYM first. Hoping to bump into some of the other guys from teams. We did and I saw my favorite bartender. I bought the first round of drinks. When it came for a third I leaned into the bar and ordered. I heard a voice next to me say, "That sounds amazing" to my Jack & Ginger drink.

A slim faced guy stared back at me and smiled. I decided to turn up the charm.What followed was an awesome night of conversation witha 24 year old swimmer who "just moved up to NY" from Florida. He was really tall too. When I started talking to him, he was sitting down. When he stood up I could not believe it.

As the night came to a close, he asked me for my phone number. He told me that he would want to get to know me better if I lived in NY.

He was cute and it was fun talking with him. I knew that it would not go anywhere after that.

Overall it was a fun weekend.


  1. Jack n' Gingers kick ass; that's my current favorite drink.

  2. That's great that he asked for your number! Sounds hot.

    You play softball in New York? Must be a bitch of a commute but probably better teams there.