Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Running my ass off...

Just as the title says... I have been running my ass off.

A couple months ago I bought Nike+ and have been running with it. I also did an experiment with P90X. I decided to spend a few more weeks with running and lifting before diving back into p90x.

I want to do a lot of cardio. I want to run a 5k in a few weeks and then hit up a half marathon in October. I talked with my P90 coach and he said to give running a try in the morning and then use my "dinner break" at work to do most of the work out. I would need 90 minutes but only get 60 for my break. I am still trying to work it out.

I have been doing some distance running. My times have improved tremendously.

March 18, 2009
2 miles
32:15 total
16:11 per mile

I was out of shape and just getting back into running. No big deal. I think I did this on a tredmill too. I forget.

March 19, 2009
2.73 miles
30:09 total
11:03 per mile

I am getting better...

March 25, 2009
4.32 miles
41:20 total
9:32 per mile

This blew me away.... My stats just kept getting better and better... here is what I did today... err yesterday... I hate working nights because this is still considered today...

March 12 2009
5 miles
43:23 total
9:13 per mile
841 calories burned

It feels awesome. What makes it even cooler is that training with a goal in mind helps keep you motivated. My motivation is to kick ass in a 5k and impress myself with my half marathon numbers.

Overall... I am on a great pace for summer... get it... pace!?

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  1. Nike+ is amazing! I have been doing about 8k a day for almost 10 years now and I was finding it difficult to find the motivation to step it up. With Nike+ and the marathon training schedule I'm running further, faster, and I'm on my way to my first marathon in September.