Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scary Night

I barely talk about work on here anymore. I really need to talk about what happened last night.

A few months ago I was switched back to the night shift because of the loss of someone in my department moving to our LA Facility. No big deal. Instead of 5am-2pm I am working 4pm-1am.

I was asked to come in later last night to help cover the desk because of the way our late shows were arranged. So I did my normal schedule of waking up, going for a run, making food and then took some of the extra time I had to work on a script I have been writing.

I got to my desk a little before 6pm and noticed that my manager and coordinating producer were waiting for me at my desk. I put my bag down and had my CP tell me to follow him into our Senior CPs office.

We walk in, they shut the door.

I am shitting myself at this point. Trying to figure out what is going on. I have a colleague sitting next to me who has this confused look on his face.

My senior producer starts off the meeting with..."The company decided to lay of X amount of people today"

My heart sank.

She went on about how the company studied what was going on and projected through 2010.. yadda yadda yadda... the entire time she left out the fact that my job was safe. When she told me I was overcome with joy but then she mentioned some of the people who were laid off. People I know. Friends of mine.

She then dropped a bomb on us. Up until Monday my immediate area that has about 19 people in it would have lost 7 or so. The argument that I do a highly specialized job that requires a lot of training left them keeping our job safe. Plus, we have saved the company over a million dollars since January.

The meeting ended and I texted my friend who had been let go to see if she was ok. She was. She had cleaned out her apartment and started to drive to another city hoping to find work.

It's a wake up call that no one is safe right now. I'm happy that I have job. I also realize that I should start thinking of a backup plan if I get laid off in the future.


  1. No shit one is immune anymore.

  2. The only way for the economy to recover is for Americans to start spending again money they don't have. The only way for Americans to start spending money they don't have is for the economy to recover first.

    The world will never be the same again.

    Start saving and read survival forums. They have tips about gardening and stocking up on supplies. Try going to While you're at it, read up on the Bilderberg. ;)

  3. JP, I've been in HR for a number of years. First thing I realized is no one, no matter what, is safe from something like this from happening even in a good economy. I constantly advise people to set aside a safety/emergency fund equivalent to at least 2-3 months pay or more if you can. I also advise people to always have their resume current and updated. Lastly, I strongly advise the folks that I deal with to keep furthering their education and widening their job skills.

    Unfortunately, many employers has the opinion that people needs jobs and if one leaves, ten more are in line to replace him or her.

    Anyway, I'm glad you still have a job too. Be good.