Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I first saw the preview for this show a few months ago and was really excited about it. The show is a little bit of Sister Act 2 and Mighty Ducks rolled into one.

Pictured above is "Finn Hudson" (great porn name by the way) He's the star quarterback of the school and has a secret passion for singing. He joins the Glee Club without his buddies knowing and ends up really enjoying himself and rocking out to an awesome arrangement of "Don't Stop Believing"

I have no shame in saying that I was in choir in high school. I was an All State singer! I really like the elements of show. Underdogs versus the popular kids. Rocking out on stage with other "theater geeks". I highly recommend the show. Plus there are some scenes in the locker room with some shirtless guys.


  1. saw first episode of gLee...finn is hot...

  2. Loved the show, can't wait for the series to begin!