Friday, May 29, 2009

Alternate History

I think everyone asks at one point in their lives, "How would my life be different if..."

I asked that question a few months ago when talking with a bunch of friends. How would my life be different if I had moved out to LA to take that studio job? Well, the guy who took it ultimately lost the position due to the writers strike and is currently in Boston trying to find a steady gig.

What if I had made a move on this girl in high school that I was crazy about (she was kinda mannish-soccer playing kinda girl)Would I be married right now and not have this blog? Possibly have a blog about being married and in the closet?

These questions have always intrigued me. Various scientists believe that we are always creating "new timelines" with every choice we make.

I had a dream last night that was just like an alternate reality. I'm sure some of you have had dreams like that. Where everything is familiar and yet different in some ways?

Maybe it's the Land of the Lost trailers I have been seeing? That episode of Sliders I caught late night while trying to fall asleep where the Jets won a Super Bowl over the 49ers.

A few weeks ago I was watching the finale of "Fringe" on FOX. If you ahven't seen the show, I highly recommend watching it. It's a JJ Abrams show that deals with Alternate Realities and "Fringe Science" like teleportation, dark matter and the like. It's almost like the XFiles. Check it out on Hulu.


In the finale of the show, the main character Olivia is trying to get a meeting with the head of Massive Dynamic. A tech company that is behind a lot of research that may give her a lead on a case she is working.

She is told to meet William Bell at this restaurant. He never shows. As she is leaving she gets in the elevator and after a few bright flashes.. well... check it out...

A friend and I were talking about the show and he turned me on to a series of books about the Civil War.

Harry Turtledove does a "What if..." and writes about an alternate America where the North is defeated in the Civil War. There are two Americas. The Union and Confederacy. His series of books goes beyond the Civil War and up through World War 2. I have started reading them and I enjoy it.

A bit of a different type of entry for JP today. I would love to write a what if novel... maybe even a TV Series... seems JJ Abrams is beating me to it though.


  1. Meh, fuck the what ifs, it's about RIGHT NOW yo! See you soon you little bitch :)

  2. I love Fringe too! What a great show.