Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update... more like No Date...

I am guessing no one really cares about this, but... I haven't heard back from the guy I am supposed to go on a date with on Friday.

Yes, it's Thursday as I write this... I called him this past weekend and got nothing back... yesterday I shot him a text and got nothing back. I followed it up with a phone call and Facebook message.

I really don't understand what is up with people these days.


  1. oh jeez I was afraid to say ANYTHING for fear that I may jinx it. Stop with the contacting first of all! Some how you put yourself into situations with folks who really are not interested in dating. Not that they are not interested in you lord knows the man spent most of his night chatting with you. Lets be clear the next time you go and meet someone, dont make plans... let them make the plans be nochalant and not so eager to have a relationship with anyone but yourself. When you try this hard things turn for the worst ALWAYS!
    Forget this character he does not have the balls to even answer a text... Sorry bro

  2. I agree with "Anonymous" - after he didn't return your call, drop it, no matter how much it hurts or pisses you off. Don't go chasing him with My Space or Facebook communication. Let him go. He has already "told" you he has lost interest in you, Yeah, its hurts and it sucks, but keep your pride. You will again see him or hear from him. You may then express how YOU feel about him. Chin up, from your blog its clear he's the looser anyway my friend.

  3. If you run into him, kick him in the face.

  4. It is so frustrating to try to make real friends because "acquaintances" are so easy to come by. I hope that makes sense. I really hate to analyze this but you've got to be honest with yourself as to what you are looking for. If you want the acquaintance or the one night stand, the bars are your best bet. If you want something more, you've got to look in other places.

    I really do know how frustrating it is for you. But hang in there and don't focus on this. You're talented and have a lot to offer to some lucky guy. :-)

  5. Yes. Number one thing is to cut the messaging. The more you contact him, the more turned off he's going to become and that's not what you want. If he's just not that keen on going on the date, there's not a whole lot you can do. It's like that line. Maybe,"He's just not that into you." No use wasting your time on this guy. And who knows, maybe in a couple weeks time, he'll come to his senses and randomly drop you a line again.

  6. I am going to be cruel and say, "Serve you right!!"

    He wasn't very receptive the first time and you walked right into his trap again...(sigh). How disappointing. Go back to ignoring the ass wipe.

  7. Ditto with the other comments. Contacting him several times just shows him that you are quite desperate.

    If I were you I'd keep playing around. Go fuck and suck. Forget the desire to find a boyfriend. It will come to you when you're least expecting it.