Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thank You

After reading the comments I would like to thank Anonymous x2, Kyle, Thomas, Godfrey, Dave and borg queen for being honest. I spent some time reflecting on what you had said as well as talking with some of my closest friends.

Friday I ended up getting a text from Yalie. He said that he has been sick and has been in bed and didn't think he would make it. I did not respond. About 10 minutes after I got the text I had about 5 calls in a row from friends who wanted to catch up. Seeing how it's Easter weekend for Christians, a lot of my friends are home to see family and I also seem to get calls from friends who are coming back to the area.

My friend Shane came into town to see his new quasi-boyfriend since he is moving back to Connecticut. I hadn't talked to him since last week when I had made plans with Yalie. We talked and he came over with a bottle of Jack.

We talked about it and he said everything left in the comments of the last entry.

He took me out to a bar/club in New Haven to drink and hang out. It felt good.

I think I needed to go through all of this to realize that it's not the end of the world that some douche doesn't want to hang out with me.

While I was out at the bar, I ran into this guy Ryan. He's 25 and also works in TV. He and I worked at a summer camp back when I was in high school. We started talking and it was a really fun conversation.

We ended up talking tonight after I got home from dinner and a movie with my buddy Chris. He knows the Yalie and I was talking about him and he had the exact same thing happen to him, but he at least got a flat out "No" answer out of him. Turns out he is into guys but will only hook up with 2 guys who happen to be a couple. I got the dirt and makes me feel better knowing that it's not me it's him.

I have more important things to worry about like my writing.


  1. You ended that paragraph beautifully...I got the dirt and makes me feel better knowing that it's not me it's him.

    Realize that people have this weird desire to be wanted and then when they know they are they are satisfied and move on. Next time up at bat... make them want you first.. let them make the first phone call, the first move.. chill, relax and it will come to you. Happy Easter

  2. Clearly this guys got issues your prob way too good for him just cos he's hot doesn't mean he's not a shit ... you've heaps of friends- people ringing you to hang out and meet up so obviously your a great person just remind yourself of that leave the phone down and move on. let them do the running men like the chase