Sunday, April 5, 2009

I have a date Friday

Funny how a night out with family can turn into such an awesome night. My cousin just returned from playing a season of minor league hockey and I haven't seen him since September.

I met up with my him, some other cousins and my sister at a place in downtown New Haven for dinner and ended up at this place BAR which is right next door. For those of you down south, this place is different from the BAR's that they have down in Miami, Orlando and other places. It's a brewery in the front and a club in the back. It's a solid place.

After a few of their Blonde bru's (their word instead of brew) I had to use the restroom.  I made my way over and ended up running into a Yalie that I met a few months ago. We had been texting over the last few weeks trying to get together and he is always busy. I had wrote him off but deicded to say hi.

I'm gad I did because the rest of the night was spent talking with him. Have you ever had a conversation with a cute guy who just keeps smiling and the conversation just flows. It was an awesome feeling. I felt bad that I ditched out on hanging with my cousins who were there, but this was one of those times I needed to say hi to him.

We talked for about an hour just about random stuff and his friends were leaving. Before he left, I asked him out to dinner next Friday.

I don't want to jinx it by writing about it but I am pretty excited about it. 

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