Monday, February 9, 2009

Catching up with JP

- John Mayer, also from CT, is adorable.

- Now that it's out of the way HI! How are all of you?

I am fine after the crash. I have my car back and only had about $1800 worth of damage done to my Jeep. Not bad considering.

After my last posting, a lot of Anonymous comments were made about my negativity. Justin wrote about that topic not to long ago as well. It's not that big of a deal to me when someone leaves an Anonymous comment. Is it a friend who stumbled upon the blog and doesn't want me to know that they read?

I really don't care. You took the time to comment on what I am writing so Thank you.

I have been taking a lot of my negative energy and putting it here in my blog. Yes, I have been negative. This is my outlet to complain and think situations out using words.

I am trying to be positive in my life. The last few months have been hard. Know this, I will try and not complain as much.


  1. Complain, bitch and gripe about everything and anything you want to, it's YOUR blog. If you want to be negative, be negative. Don't let some jerk-off tell you how you should feel about certain things.

  2. Mike is right JP! That's ridiculous...don't censor yourself on your blog! If they don't like your blog, they can go read another one...this is how you feel; it's an outlet for you to vent; it's the space at the end of the day you can unload your thoughts and feelings! As you were soldier! :)

    Bry aka fI