Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Valentines Day is approching. I promise I won't be negative.

There we go. That will make me feel positive about life. Eye candy can really brighten someones day for sure.

Valentines Day brings me to thinking about all the crushing I have been doing... and not acting.

I have way too many crushes going on at once.

Here's an Update:

Gym Crush- For those who are new, Gym Crush and I see eachother at the gym and it turns out that he is dating a girl I work with directly. We see each other around work, say hi and go on our ways. In the last month or so, when we are at the gym together he'll help me out with spotting or ideas to help get my heart rate up. His body is very similar to the UK Rugby player I have posted above. Seriously.

Work Crush- I recieved a birthday text from Work Crush. He said that we should get together soon now that our schedules are pretty much the same. We have this great Facebook flirting thing going on where he writes me messages abouyt random stuff. Although, he does tell me stories about his female conquests, a man had got to dream of getting a fine ass like his.

NY Frat Boy- He and I started talking over the summer. He lives in NYC and is obviously a Frat Boy in recovery. He's hillarious. He keeps me entertained when I am bored at work on AIM. He is a really good looking guy. How could I resist an Italian Frat Boy eh? Well, what sucks is that he lives further away from me. One night he complained about how much it sucks that I am far away. When I end up back in NYC I gotta make this happen.

CT Frat Boy- This CT Frat Boy is kinda new. I met him while he was working at a bar here in town. He is a grad student, but a member of my rival fraternity from back in the day. He is an awesome guy. Fit, fun, Italian, the whole 9 yards. I get mixed signals from  him. He asks me to hang out whenever I see him. Which is a good thing.

The last time I went into the bar I was with a group of guys who are alumni from my fraternity. We had our Alumni Assoc. meeting to talk about a golf tournament and setting up a memorial fund for my friend who killed himself back in November. When we sat down, CTFB came over to be our waiter. He went around the table and when he got to me he said, I already know what you want.

"Oh really? What do I want?" He said my order to a T. He remembered my order the last time he was my waiter from about 3 weeks ago. I was impressed. I have a good feeling with this one.

Yalie- Ahh one of the more recent crushes I have. We text back and forth about college basketball. I asked him bluntly, "When are we gunna hang out again man?" and go no responce. Oh well.

Blond Guy- Blond guy is new. I have seen him around once or twice around work but have not really ever said anything to him. Since I have switched shifts I see him around a lot more. He is WASPY hot. Even though he is 26 years old, he will be the fit father you see walking around one day wearing all JCrew that you just wish would go gay for one night.

He is obviously very straight, after some facebook stalking. He played football in college. Tigh end. Seriously.

So those are some crushes and some updates on them. Let's hope that one turns out to be a good one.


  1. Damn son! I agree that the CT Frat Boy seems promising. Good luck!

  2. Cool update :)

    Adding you to my bloglist.


  3. "Obviously straight"

    Perhaps but given the right circumstances (the right homo, etc.), any guy can be given a psychic transmission to experience ambivalence (except for the non self-aware blue collarly types.) lol

    BTW, who's the eye candy?