Thursday, January 29, 2009


After having a terrible day at work... as I was on the highway home a tractor trailer sped by me knocking snow onto my windsheild and causing me to drift into a snow/ice patched which made me start spinning across the highway and into a snowbank. I was airborne for a little bit which is why my car is like that almost on it's side.

I am ok. Very sore. It was VERY scary.

I am happy I am ok and only have to deal with what may be wrong with the undercarrige of my Jeep.

So.... when will Karma start to go my way?


  1. Ooooo, shit! So happy you are OK!

    I also had an awful shit day.

    We need to catch up on each others crap and make each other feel better...

  2. It won't go your way if you keep thinking on the negative.

    word verfication: upple

  3. Glad you're safe. Winter weather is ok up until New Years, but after that - bring on the spring.

  4. Good to see that all-in-all you're ok.

  5. It's winter, you drive, you live in the Northeast be grateful you were not hurt and that you have a vehicle that can handle the roads.
    Have you noticed lately the serious amount of complaining you have been doing? What is wrong? It is not like your life is horrendous, you are working, your health is good, you have a roof over your head, people who love you and you are a smart guy.
    This negative tude that is coming through on this blog I am sure is showing in your life. Think about it. No one wants to be with a Debbie Downer. Lighten up pal!

  6. Glad your ok...what's up with the preachy people?

    We don't have much weather around here in the winter. Just crappy wind. Can you believe the Cardinals almost won the Super Bowl? I can't believe they were even in it. But at least they gave Iditosburg a run for their money.