Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Strange Situation

There are times when you realize how small the world can be when it comes to friends and friends of friends.

For example, my best friend growing up moved away in 8th grade. Years went by and while I was in college I was at a party at Lehigh. I ran into a girl I went to high school with and ended up running into Danyelo at the same party. When I started working at my last job, I ran into a guy I worked with 7 years beforehand in Orlando who was Danylo's best friend from high school.

It's a lot of randomness that for some reason get's connected. We have all had those moments. I had one of those moments last night that delt with a friend, a friends ex and a guy I have been chatting with online.

It's weird when two worlds collide.

1 comment:

  1. I HATE how small the world is. I have a "Sexagon". 6 guys, including me, who have all hooked up with each other, independent of all of the other hook ups. It pisses me off because 2 of the guys in the mix are my boyfriend and my ex-boyfriend and it drives me nuts that they hooked up.

    Here's another small world piece of bullshit. When I was dating a girl and trying to figure out my sexuality, I cheated on her with this guy named Greg. A couple of years later, my boyfriend cheated on me - with Greg! If that isn't Karma I don't know what is.