Thursday, January 22, 2009

So there's this guy...

When is it too soon to call or text someone? Everyone has their own opinion. My friend S says that I should text the day after meeting to be pleasent and then follow up with a call when it feels right. I have tried not to get anxious and spazzy, but alas, sometimes it happens. (Sorry JR... I should have been stronger)

In the last post I talked about this guy I met. Since that posting I had talked with him via text and Facebook. We had a short phone convo as well because he was not up to going out one night. He has since fallen off the face of the Earth.

Granted he is a PhD canidate at an Ivy League intitution of higher learning but seriously, how hard is it for one text?

I still don't understand this whole dating thing and how guys can pass up a good thing. It's just inspiration to keep working harder.


  1. I always viewed dating as this horrible game we're forced to play. For some it works for others not so much.

    The fact that he cancelled the night out should have raised a red flag. But lets be hopefully. Perhaps he was actually busy.

  2. Personally, I'm not a gameplayer. I don't base my texts or calls on the calendar. If I want to get together with someone, hang out, or go on a date - I call. I don't care what people think about timing and "too soon" and nonsense like that. I think good opportunities can be missed if you start playing games so just call him. Do it before someone else mans up and calls him before you do.

  3. i agree with ryan, above. if he was interested, you'd hear from him. be strong jp, you'll find someone cool and who digs you just as much as you dig them. when you find that person, you won't have to wonder why they don't text or call- people that care about you don't leave you hanging. peace man. :o)

  4. Considering that this has been such a pattern in your social and professional lives, maybe you have a difficult time making a good first impression.

    Do you have any friends that will give you their brutal honest opinion?