Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fuggin Facebook

Curse you Facebook!

There are times when I love Facebook. Stalking Messaging friends, catching up on pictures, seeing who's wedding I didn't get invited too... the usual...

Well, a few days ago someone from my past friended me on Facebook. She was friends with my little sister growing up and I hadn't seen/talked to/thought of since then. I always say yes because you never know when they will post hot pictures of friends for me to drool over.

Anyway, I accepted the friend request... did the usual "How are you?!!?" wall post and saw a wall posting from some guy with a shirtless pic. Abs, Defined chest... very cute. He belongs to a High School network and I felt like a pervert.

I go work out (more on that later) and I get home to a friend request: It's him. I realize that he is the little guy I would babysit while my sisters were at dance competitions. I am happy he grew up to be a fucking hottie.

He wrote me a message to say what's up and asked me about my kickass job.


  1. Which of course means he wants you to come over and babysit him, again.

  2. Small world! Big deal, your human and he's handsome. Noticing is ok.

    Hey, How about that Cowboys-Giants game last weekend? How a a few weeks changes things! Have to love sports. Desperation is a good thing I guess with team dynamics sometimes.

    Happy Holidays, glad your posting again.

  3. All I am doing is noticing. Do not read into it any other way.

    Ugh... The Giants have been giving me heart attacks lately...

    I'm happy to be back posting