Monday, December 15, 2008


Wow, I really miss New York.

I had an awesome time this past weekend. What made it better is that I had a room all to myself in a buddies apartment, but did not put it to good use.

Friday night was a Holiday Party for the show I used to work for. I somehow am still on the e-mail list for the invites and responded. I met up with some former co-workers for food and drinks before hand and then enjoyed the open bar that was provided by the show anchors.

I had a moment with a woman at the party who I interviewed with 5 times while working there who told me I was looking "BANGING"... she was very cougar-ish.

There was a moment with one of the bartenders, who, no matter what, when I came to the bar, would pour me a very strong (or stiff) drink. I thought he had been flirting with me, but apparently he was only doing that for tips.

Saturday, I nursed a hangover and then showed some friends from Detroit around NY. Funny, I don't live there anymore, but still can show people a good time. That night was a birthday party at this bar Calico Jacks.

The bar is a lot of fun if you like a college like atmosphere. I was there for a friends birthday party and you can't beat $3 drinks most of the night.

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