Monday, December 29, 2008

Bad Day

Grrrrr. So I had a really bad day today and need to clarify some stuff I wrote while extremely tired last night.

1) What I was trying to convey last night is that I am attracted to mostly (pretty much all) straight guys out there and get frustrated that they aren't into dudes while I am drunk. I don't vocalize this at the bar to people, I just think about it and it pisses me off.
2) I really want a New Years kiss and that is not happening if I go up to Springfield.
So, why did I have a bad day? Well, I got to work and did what I had to do all day. I have been frustrated with my job because it leaves zero opportunity for advancement. There is no creativity in the position. It’s pushing paper pretty much.

I have been looking at other options within the company but it’s not exactly the greatest time to be looking for a new job. To make a painful story short, I was told by my manager that because one person from our group is being sent to LA, he is rearranging the entire department’s schedules. I am being put on a 5pm-1am shift… I am working 5am right now. I will have no time to adjust my schedule and will be expected to jump right into the shift and keep my work up. The reason is because we are losing a strong person working nights and they need to fill the gap. I am also ONLY concentrating on one sport and one show. Instead of 2 sports and 2 shows.
I kinda felt like it was a demotion but there are some plus sides that a co-worker and I came up with.
1)    When I worked the later shift, I went to the gym a lot more often
2)    This shift will give me more time to work on my grad school projects
3)    Grad school classes online.
4)    I will be the stronger person working at night and therefore able to shine over others who may be “weaker
It just kinda made my day all blah. Nights… here I come again…


  1. I like creatitivy in the job too. So I can sympathize with you there. I think you should go to the New Year's party you'd rather be at...why not be making out at midnight? Looking at the plus sides is a good idea. Happy New Year.

  2. Hey,guy - just wanted to stop in and say Hi and let you know I'm still keeping up with you! Have a happy new year and I agree with above - go to the party you want to tonight!