Monday, November 3, 2008


I really don't know why I keep trying sometimes.

My weekend was filled with a lot of fun, with a small disappointment. First, I celebrated Halloween with a bunch of people I have classes with in grad school. We decided on the bar after class and ate some pizza before heading to the bar.

I was pumped up because I had set up a date for Saturday night. He's a cute guy who is in my grad program, but has a different concentration. We met on Facebook... I know, I know...

He had messaged me about living around QU since he was moving from around Boston wanted opinions and someone to hang with since he was moving here knowing next to no one.

We chatted online and I had asked him out to grab a beer and hang out. No expectations.

Things fell through, we kept chatting and then life got busy. Not big deal.

Well, I had set up the date Friday night while in class on AIM for Saturday night. My friends wife was very excited for this and wanted to go shopping to pick me out an outfit and the such.

Well, Saturday comes around and I give him a call at 3pm, like we had said the night before to figure out where we were going. I left a message.

I waited... and decided to send a text saying I would be out for a jog... I waited until 3:45 till I went for my jog and took my phone with me...

I ended my jog at 5:00... ticked off that I did not get a text or a phone call back.

It put me in a bad mood, but, I brushed it off and took in a college hockey game and got drinks with some of my gays here in CT.

We all know that dating is tough. To be honest, I don't even know what I want right now. I would settle for someone to have some fun with and see where it goes. I haven't been into anything casual because it is incredibly lame and unfufiling.

My friend Mark said it best; "Concentrate on work, school and your fucking Giants."

Who, by the way, are 7-1. Fuck Dallas.



  1. How's life buddy? Let me know next time you're going to be in beantown...we WILL get together and DRINK!

  2. I hate that stood up feeling. People. Guys.

    And fuck the Giants!

  3. Hey!

    I love your blog - are you going to get back to adding entries?