Monday, December 8, 2008

FInals are OVER!

I honestly did not think that two grad school classes would consume my life as much as they did. God, I feel like I missed so much with you guys.

As always, a lot has happened in life. A little too much to look at the past 3 months or so and not really updating my life via the blog.

I have thought about a lot of stuff over the last few weeks. Moving back to NYC... grad school... what i really want to do.... Normal questions we ask every day.

Anyway, I am back. Hope you guys are still reading.


  1. Grad school was a rude awakening for me compared to undergrad, and I went through a tough undergrad program.

  2. Yeah exams suck big time, are you at QU?

  3. Haha... yeah. Undergrad and now Grad school. Can't complain with a 3.7 GPA and going for free...