Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Grad School

When I decided that I wanted to go back to school, I really didn't think about how much time I would have to put into thinking, reading and writing. It was always an after thought.

My typical day has been the following:

3:43 am ET - Alarm goes off. Jump in the shower.

4:00-4:05am - Out the door to my car, it's been chilly in the mornings and I love it.

4:05-4:45am - Drive to work while listening to WCBS 880am for what is going on in the world. I have got prtty good at jumping to music while they are in commericals and getting back right before they come back with more news.

5am-2pm- Wurk. We recently got an updated copy of the "Blogging Rules" from the mother ship and I don't feel like getting fired. What I will say is that I have been getting some pats on the back for what I have been doing creativly. It's outside of my job description.

2pm-2:25ish- Drive down to the University Library and work on class work and final projects. I have two classes and I find myself getting caught up in our discussions and readings. I really wish I could have a 4 day work week so I could spend more time focusing on class work, but I won't complain because work is paying for it.

2:30-6:15ish Class work, reading, fucking around on facebook and reading blogs that relate to my course work.

Depending on the day I have different activities on certain days. Tuesdays are movie nights with 3 of my best girlfriends. We vote on movies and tonight we are seeing The Duchess. I can't fucking wait! (sarcasm)

Wednesday class is from 6:30-9pm... this is where I have Grad School crush. He was an athlete undergrad and is just sexy beyond belief. 6'2" blonde hair, blue eyes... just fucking sexy. He is obviously straight. It's fun to look at him though.

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