Thursday, June 19, 2008

15 Pounds Later

When I moved from NYC back to Connecticut, I knew I wanted to used the gym at work. The first 3 months here were just a blur. Finding an apartment, moving, getting used to a new job and working different shifts at different times so I knew what happened on all of them.

Then came the holidays where everyone no matter what, eats themselves silly. New Years came and I was hitting the gym, lightly doing cardio.

In April I decided to start doing some lifting along with my cardio. I decided to look into some supplements and started using a protein shake as part of my daily routine.

I am happy to report that I have lost 15 pounds since that day in April and feel fantastic. It's like one of those commercials on TV but I really do feel great. While it's 15 pounds lost I feel like I have built more muscle and lost a bunch more fat. If I had known what my BMI was it possibly could seem more impressive.

No worries though.

This past Monday I decided to step up my lifting and work out program. 2 friends of mine brought up a site called

How can I describe it... it's Facebook/Manhunt for gay men who like to work out. There are some BEAUTIFUL people on there. There are forums where you can talk about pretty much anything.

I decided to do the Muscle Building program. I took my before picture and have even chatted with guys who started on the same day as me.

15 pounds ago I was the same person. Today, mid June, I am a lot more focused than I have been.


  1. is an awesome site. Its how I met my workout partner! congrads on your success. when do we get to see a pic?

  2. Rawr- find me on there.

  3. Way to go JP! Well on your way...I'm trying to get down to 190 myself by end of month abut I keep fluxing between 193 and 195...ugh annoying!!! Congrats though! :D


  4. Congrats I know this was so very important to you! Way to go my man!
    So.. can we please see the before and after shots, no face (if you do not want to) just the bod.... Oh pleeeeeezzzeee :-)

  5. Good going, JP. Losing weight isn't easy, trust me. Take it slow and you'll do fine in the long run on your goal.