Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Frisky Summer

It's getting warm (and HAWT) outside. Most of my friends seem to be getting Frisky.

My CT friend Adam met this guy who literally lives around the corner from him and they are pretty much dating. I’m happy for him because they are great together!

Second is my friend E who met a guy and is taking it slow with him for numerous reasons. Another, patient and deserving friend that is getting frisky.

I am also on a FRISKY streak. First let’s talk about the guy I was seeing a few weeks ago.

I haven’t talked to him in a few days and have written an e-mail to him about how I feel about the whole situation. I’ll probably send it sometime tomorrow. Pretty much, I feel like he fell for me really quick and I could not return the feelings right away. Do I like him as a friend, yes.

Time will be the best for the two of us. So, with that said, I am single.

This past weekend, I was at a wedding in New Jersey. A friend that I used to wait tables with asked me to go as her date because I am always a “ball full of energy”

We drove to Dirty Jerz and made it to the wedding just in the nick of time. As we walked in there was this red headed groomsman who smiled at me and made a point to introduce himself. My gaydar went off.

During the outdoor ceremony, I kept my sunglasses on and he pretty much stared at me the entire ceremony.

Cocktail hour came with a LOT of boring conversations about where I work. The reception hall was VERY nice. It was at this really nice country club in NJ. My table, of course, had the groomsmen at it. The red head came over to me and introduced himself, again.

We had some fun conversation, good food, and got to know some strangers. I was drinking Jack Daniels and having a good time. I went out on the dance floor and tore it up. While dancing with the bride, her sister and some of her friends, her two guy cousins made it out on the dance floor.

The older, Greg, was incredibly cute. He definitely knew how to dance.

Flash forward to the post reception party at the hotel. All of the “younger crowd” hung out at the bar and kept on drinking. The party moved to this patio on the side of the hotel. Greg and I had been talking in the bar. My date asked me to go up and grab our cooler from the room with our beers in it.

Greg decided to join me. We start to walk up to the room and I suggested that we make out when we get to the room… test the waters. He said sure.

WAIT… WHAT!? Yes, he wanted to make out.

So we walk into the room and I go for the cooler. I grab two beers and turn around and he comes in and kisses me. For the next 10 minutes we have some solid make out time. He pulls away, looks at me and says, “that was fun! Let’s go pound some beers.”

On our walk down I ask him if he was cool with it and he was. He has made out with guys before, likes to have fun and do what he feels is right. He brought up the fact that he thinks his brother is gay and doesn’t know how to talk to him about it, even though they are close.

We get back down to the party and it’s a lot of fun. His younger brother, Jon comes up and asks if he can talk to me.

We step aside and Jon comes out to me. We walked and talked for about 10 minutes and at one point in the conversation, I turned to him and he leaned in and kissed me. Two brothers, one night.

It was short, maybe 5 seconds and he pulled away and said, “I needed to get that out of my system.”

I told Jon, as we walked back to the party that he should talk to his older brother because they have a lot more in common than they think, and I left it at that.

Since the wedding, Greg has added me on myspace and we have messaged back and forth. I told him that his brother leaned in and kissed me and that he could probably open up the lines of communication with his bro.

Saturday I laid out in the sun and helped a buddy move into his new home here in CT.

It was innocent fun and both guys were really cool. I figure, it’s making out and simple fun and it was. I know that there is nothing in the future with the two of the guys, but still, felt good.


  1. What a stud! Nice job bro! Way proud!

  2. sweet post.
    So how'd it go, "let's make out some" while upstairs.... I got to remember that one. 2 brothers!! crazy. keep it up JP.

  3. JP, you have an "interesting" life!
    I did my barber and his little brother before I realized they are brothers. (But not in the same day.)

  4. Shut up. That's all I can say. Shut up.

  5. Dude, did you out one brother to the other? If that's what went down, NOT cool.