Sunday, May 25, 2008


It's Sunday... I had three days off and loose plans and for some reason a wrench was thrown into the plans I had made. 

Friday my plan was to head to NYC and hang out with Cooper, Billy and K for Fleet Week. For those outside of NYC, Fleet Week is when all the sailors invade Manhattan for festivities that include parades, recruitment sessions, and a lot of horny seamen looking to get off. 

I was very excited. I went to the mall with my sister to get a new shirt to wear that would show off my still in progress body. I showered, got dressed and headed to the train station. On the highway I get a frantic phone call from my cousin. he had discovered that his girlfriend of 3+ years had been cheating on him. He was furious and knew where the guy lived. He really could have murdered him. 

I pulled off the next exit and headed North to see him. I talked to both Cooper and Billy and said that I would meet them out Saturday night in NYC. 

I calmed down my cousin with beers in his backyard with a few of his high school buddies. It was a weird night trying to calm him down, but it was quality time to spend together. 

Saturday I worked out and did some stuff around the house and started looking at train times for NYC and debating on another option where I would be able to see a friend I had not seen in 4 years. 

This guy JB and I had met in college and had a late night encounter that was a one time thing for him. A few weeks ago he came out of the wood work and invited me up. He kept asking me to come up and see him. 

I debated on NYC and going to see him. He was texting me like mad and I decided to go up and see him. It was a BIG MISTAKE. While it was cool going up and seeing him, it was very awkward. We are two VERY different people and to top it off....NOTHING happened between us. BLAH

Today, my 3rd day off in a row, went by quick. Hung out at home, worked out, and had a family bbq that was PAINFUL. Everyone has that one aunt they HATE going to see. This is the one that had a bbq today. 

To sum up the day my sisters decided to blow off the BBQ leaving me the loan cousin of the 5 of us to be there with the rest of my family that was loathing being there. My dad tried to fight a Patriots fan who talked shit about the Giants, and my cousin I don't get along with got shit bombed and started hardcore making out with a guy who was not her boyfriend in the middle of the party. 

I am about to head to sleep because I work NORMAL hours now, well... for this week at least. 

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