Monday, May 19, 2008

Reel Big Fish

As I was on my way home from work tonight "Reel Big Fish" - Sellout came on the radio and it made me really happy! I was singing along in the car, top of my lungs having a blast. My drive home at night is about a half hour and I pass the time brainstorming and thinking of a whole bunch of stuff I wanted to think about at work but didn't.

I have had a bunch of inspiration lately and the drive home has helped me gather my thoughts and get focused.

Ok, so what is up with the picture to the left? Well, It's part of my inspiration on two fronts.

1- the Gymnasium. Faithful reader Erik has pointed out how "Slim" I have been looking lately. Erik is someone I know and has been tracking (read: stalking) my progress on Facebook.

Another reader, John, saw my one week photo and said that he could see a BIG difference and then asked me to shave my chest. Hmmm we'll see if I can pull a Cooper.

2- I have decided to take up photography. I have always loved taking photographs with just a point a shoot digital camera. My father has a very nice Canon Digital with a bunch of different lenses. This summer I am taking a digital photography class and hope to take photos of young men like to the left of this post!


  1. Good luck on the photo class. Once I have enough $ to buy a digital SLR I plan on doing the same.

  2. some of my greatest intelectual moments happen during a long drive.

  3. Very true, singing and thinking things over are great things to do when driving alone... Another good reason not to carpool.

  4. Not having a vehicle I prefer long walks on my own to sort things out. Also better to see nature and wildlife uninterrupted by noise (i.e someone else talking).

    As for your course in photography, good luck. I've been taking photos since age nine, took up digital photography back in the autumn of 2005 and haven't picked up a film camera since. Starting with an HP R717 Photosmart (6.2 megapixels), I bought a Sony A-100 DSLR (10.2 megapixels) in September 2006 and have since taken over 5,000 digital photos. Sony bought Minolta another well-known Japanese camera maker, so the Sony camera is basically a Minolta camera with the Sony name on it. (Check out my blogs!)

    The price of the latter has come down and Sony is even making cameras with 14 megapixels. Lots of other possibilities as far as cameras are concerned. Good luck! Hope to see your work in your posts. - Volker