Thursday, May 29, 2008

Like a puppy

I have been working on this post for a couple of days. Work has been crazier than ever. I have been given a whole bunch more work to do than normal and have not been feeling too good either.

Working the morning shift was great. I was a lot busier than normal and also had my nights free. A couple of Friday nights ago I met this guy at a bar here in Connecticut. He was wasted and asked for my phone number and never thought he would call. Well, he called.

How can I describe him... He is about 5'9" built with biceps and a nice chest, and very much my type. He played one year of lacrosse at Arizona State and after was just a fraternity guy.

A masculine, Italian, built lacrosse player that wants to hang out with me?!

We met up for a drink in South Norwalk and talked. He was tired after getting back from a long week of partying on vacation. We got along really well and it was an awesome feeling. After our drink he invited me to his place and we made out all night. I fell asleep at his place and headed to work the next morning.

Over the next couple days we exchanged e-mails while we were at work, text messages, and phone calls.

I headed up to a wedding up in Mass over the weekend and while I was up there he would call me and tell me he missed me.

It was really cute. He would send me texts saying he couldn't wait to see me when I got back. I headed back to CT to pick up a shift at work and headed to his place to hang out. I spent the night at his place and thats where some red flags came up.

I walked in and he was just in from partying with a bunch of friends. His eyes were blood shot and he was all over the place. I don't know if he was just drunk or if he might have been on coke but something was off.

We cuddled on the couch and I tried to tell him about the wedding but he was all over the place. I was so tired I started to fall asleep on the couch and I decided I was just going to stay there for the night. We head up to the bedroom and I crawl into bed and pretty much fall asleep

I really want to take it slow with him. We are going to a concert in a few weeks together and I guess I will see how it goes. I really love the fact that he is masculine and into me... I'm taking it slow.


  1. Good luck with this one - hopefully he was just drunk or stoned.

  2. Initial instincts are almost always right...

    Plus - I'm trying to be a dick, but making out all night and sleeping at his place on the first date and sleeping there again a week later doesn't sound very slow to me...

    But I hope I'm completely wrong. :)