Monday, March 31, 2008

My Knees Hurt

So, why do my knees hurt? I know the title just OPENS the flood gates for jokes about being on my knees all weekend, but sadly that is not the case at all. This weekend was a HUGE weekend fraternity wise.

This was my fraternity's initiation weekend. Initiation starts on Thursday night and ends with the formal ceremony around 5pm on Friday. Of course, everything is secret, but this year I did not attend any of the initiation events. My little brother Jesse came up from NJ and we headed to the party which was at a bar in New Haven. It was a great time to meet the new guys, and see all the alumni that show up.

The night was fun but by about 1am the party was moving back to campus and I kinda wanted to check out the gay bar down the street... so I took my little brother with me. He was so nervous, but wanted to go and how support to me. So we get in, grab a beer and I run into a reader who I have known for a while. We talked an just kinda took everything in... and then we were out for the night.

Our chapter is very close...hell, I helped rebuild it up while I was an undergrad. As tradition to celebrate, we hold our Red Carnation Ball the day after initiation. Everyone gets dressed up and it's a time of the year that alumni come back and see everyone.


We started drinking at 1:00pm and watched some Kevin Bacon movie and some UFC fights. Started getting ready, drank a bottle of champagne and then went to meet the bus that would be taking us to the Ball.

There was a HOT bartender who was maybe 22 years old. He always had my drink ready for me. I was drinking Jack and ginger Ale all night.

The dance floor was slick, and while dancing to some song I slipped and fell down and hit my knee in a way that made it balloon up to the size of a softball.

In all, I laughed so much this weekend, and had not a care in the world. I was surrounded by a group of guys that I love with all my heart and know that they always have my back. My knee being sore is just another great story to tell about why I love being in a fraternity and why I never want to grow up.

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