Thursday, March 27, 2008

New York News

Lot's of good news out of New York right now...

* The New York Giants will open up against the Washington Redskins on Thursday September 4th! I already booked off with a holiday... that will be an AMAZING weekend for me. Yes, weekend, I plan on being off Thurs-Sunday

* The Yankees released some new images of the NEW Yankee Stadium that opens up in 2009. Curbed wrote: The Stadium War is heating up, and we have to say that this round goes to the Yankees. Not long ago the Mets unveiled some new Citi Field renderings, proudly displaying the stadium's new corporate logo. This could have been a response to the Yankees' surprising move to hoist their own new stadium sign into place, despite the somewhat early stage of construction.

As much as I hate to see Yankee Stadium I go , the place is falling apart and after the rennovations in 1971 when the Yanks played for 2 years at Shea Stadium. The Football Giants played at Yankee Stadium up until the rennovations took place. Below you can see the Giants playing the Bears in the 1956 NFL Championship game (pre-Super Bowl era) In the NFL Championship Game on an icy field against the Chicago Bears, the Giants wore sneakers as they had 22 years previous. They dominated the Bears winning the championship by a score of 47–7.

* For those in New York City... GOOD NEWS! Water taxi Beach has DOUBLED the size of the beach this summer to over 44,000 sq. feet. They also just dumped about 500 tons of sand from Long Island on the site. Cooper and I headed out there last summer after checking out PS1 and had a BLAST watching the sunset behind Manhattan. On a Saturday over the summer, check out PS1 and then Water taxi beach.. It's a great day to relax, drink and have a good time. Pleas there is some EYE CANDY.

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