Friday, March 21, 2008

How's Your Bracket?

So how are all those brackets coming guys? I have mine set on on Facebook and I am doing okay. I really didn't see USC losing but no big deal right?

Duke Almost lost and it would have made my DAY... hell my month if Duke had lost last night to Winthrop.

I need to get a scan of my bracket, but Facebook has my page down for maintenance right now.

I will tell you that I do NOT have UNC winning the whole Tourney. Everyone was going with North Carolina and I wanted to be different. I really think Georgetown can give them a run for their money in the Final Four. The Big East is so physical. They can take UNC anyday...

By the way... the SEC is 0-2 and the Big East so far has not lost!

Anyone else big into college basketball???


  1. I used to love college basketball but my interest has dwindled the last several years. I think I've been over saturated by the worldwide leader (it's your fault).

    But I love the early part of the tournament when David takes on Goliath and David wins or nearly wins. Like Belmont almost beating Duke! Once it gets into the powerhouses vs. the powerhouses, I lose interest some. I still love sports but I think the over exposure and the money aspect of college sports (the rich get richer) has taken it's toll on me a little.

    Enjoy the tourney, hot pic of basketball guy, wow! lol

  2. If Duke had lost to Belmont, I may have just cried...with joy. Even though it would have destroyed my bracket.

    Ehh, Xavier will take them down in the Sweet 16. Hopefully.

    Love the blog, keep it up man.

  3. Poor Georgetown...

    I have Louisville going the distance, and should win my pool if they do. This is the first time in years that I've done decent the first 2 years.

    And I gave up on Duke - THANK GOD - this year.

    Although, Davidson is fun to watch.