Saturday, March 22, 2008

Comfort of Home

So, the move back into my parents house (with the plan of moving back out in a few months and into a condo) has already started. I spent most of the day yelling at the television about UConn fucking up my bracket and oh yeah, cleaning out my childhood room. I came across old birthday cards, pictures from my prom and a bunch of other stuff that was pretty cool to discover.

I also had some AMAZING Blackened Atlantic Cod with rice pilaf, since it was Good Friday, I had some seafood with mom and dad to keep them happy.

While at dinner, I locked eyes with a former hook up of mine. He looks so good.I have talked about him, and our situation before and he didn't stop to say hello at all... just avoided me. Sigh...

I couldn't find the post I wrote about him (sorry being lazy) but he now has a girlfriend and there was a very dramatic night where he stood at my door and told me he couldn't "do this" anymore and really made me sad.

My mother told me that I should pick up some shifts at the restaurant to make some extra cash this summer before I start looking at condos... I seriously would but think it would be really awkward for me... it's still hard to think about him... arg...

This whole post is about the comfort of home and I really am VERY lucky to have an amazing family that I can rely so much on to help me out...


  1. I'm sorry you had to face someone who rejected you. I know it's hard enough for me to see former hookups logged into chat and deal with the cyber-snub. Rejection sucks whichever way comes.

    J Z