Thursday, March 20, 2008

Big Brother 9

With the lack of scripted television shows on the air I have got sucked up into some reality television. Once of the shows happens to be Big Brother 9. Now, for the record, I have never really watched Big Brother.

When it came on a few years ago, I remember watching it and just not being into it. Maybe because it was a summer series and I had better stuff to do. Season 9 was starting and I thought I would give it a try…. I am VERY happy I did.

This season has some really cute guys, one that I am really into, even though he has a girlfriend who was on the show. His name is Ryan and is a student at Ohio State.

This season the house played as couples to start off the game. They played challenges as couples and got eliminated as couples. It got off to a rocky start when the gay couple was broken up. Neil left the house for "family reasons" and never returned. Joshua was paired up with a girl and I think that everyone in the house knew that the teams would be broken up at some point.
Back Ryan… he is such a cute guy. Like a teddy bear. I have been called a Teddy Bear a few times and I hate the word.

Matt, a cute asshole from Boston was just voted off. Anyway, enjoy some hot ipcs below from

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  1. what about James... he's a gay-for-pay porn star... he's not the cutest, but he's got a big cock.